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27% of university students in the UK report mental health issues during their studies. This number has increased five-fold over the past decade, and the number dropping out for mental health reasons has more than trebled. And those stats predate the impact of COVID-19.

When events in my own life caused me to reach my lowest point last year, the Student Wellbeing Centre was there to pick me up and put me back together again. But unfortunately they can't be there for everyone; they're under massive strain as we've all seen on Exefess and Overheard. That's where Mind steps in: raising awareness, reducing stigma, and fighting for better provision of mental health services on every campus.

On 6th March I'll be running the 27 27 with my mate Henry Yannaghas. That's 27 miles (~44km) in 27 days. But, as some of you may know, we both fancy ourselves as runners, so we're going to try do it in 1 day. We'll be running 2km on the hour, every hour, for 24 hours. If you could spare a few pounds for Mind, or would be up for joining us for a few kms I'd be incredibly grateful.

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More students are experiencing mental health problems than ever before.

The number of students reporting a mental health problem is five times greater today than it was ten years ago, while the number of students dropping out because of mental health problems has trebled.

Every student taking part in the 27 27 challenge is sending a clear message: it’s time to take our mental health seriously, and we won’t give up until everyone with a mental health problem gets support and respect.

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