For Charities

The GivePenny platform is open to all registered charities and non-profit organisations in the UK. With transparent pricing, dedicated profile pages, social media integration, unlimited fundraising pages and even template fundraising initiatives to help get you started!

Why Join GivePenny?

Charities can use pledge-based fundraising to reinvigorate existing supporters by inspiring them with the new ideas they crave, improve the momentum of fundraisers and reduce the number of “£0” fundraising pages by directly linking how much they raise with a supporter’s progress and showing an immediate return for their initial effort, and attract the next generation of fundraisers by helping them to connect the data they generate every day to the act of giving

Our charges

It is free for fundraisers and charities to use!

As a business, our focus is on building an amazing fundraising platform and putting it in the hands of fundraisers and the charities they love to help them raise more money. In the future, we want to build a premium service for charities, helping them to build incredible appeals, virtual events and more. We’re also considering building our own secure payment process system.

At the moment, users can feel safe in the knowledge we work with PayPal and GoCardless to help us process donations. Their fees are as follows:

  • Credit, Debit Cards through PayPal: 3.4% plus 20p
  • Direct from your bank account through GoCardless: 1% and never more than £2


Donation £10   £10
Transaction Fee 54p   10p
Gift Aid £2.50   £2.50
GivePenny Fee FREE   FREE
Total Reaching Charity £11.96   £12.40

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