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Rowing Dangerously 2019

The man who ran through the 3 most dangerous countries in the world last year is now pushing the boundries one step further to help children who need our help around the world.

Jordan hopes to push the boundaries one stage further than his previous endeavours by becoming the first person on record to row completely unsupported across the Bab El Mandeb Straits. The Bab el-Mandeb straits are a strategic waterway passage located between Djibouti on the Horn of Africa and Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, that link the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean via The Gulf of Aden. It is perhaps the most important, most dangerous and most geo-politically contested strait of water on the planet.

This monstrous challenge should not be underestimated as it is a world first attempt to row the most dangerous strait of water on the planet in aid of Frontline Children (50%), Epilepsy Action (25%) and Seafarers UK (25%). 

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31/01/2019 15:12:50

Dangerous Waters

My thoughts are with all the 39 people who lost their lives in the Bab El Mandeb last night, trying to cross these dangerous waters for a better life. This incident highlights the dangers I will face later this year...


31/01/2019 12:20:09

A great day meeting all the charities I am supporting at the head office of flagship sponsor Gray Page. Exciting times as plans start to formulate for the world's most dangerous rowing attempt. #RowingDangerously


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