Run To The Moon

for St Mungo's

To mark St Mungo’s 50th anniversary year we are challenging our supporters to do 50 things to help us end homelessness. For our biggest 50@50 challenge yet we are challenging you to join us in our mission to Run To The Moon.

One small step for man 50 years ago on 20 July 1969 marked one giant leap for mankind.

In that same year a group of volunteers decided to do something to help homeless people, forming St Mungo's and marking one small step for homelessness in the UK.

Fifty years on and technology is leaping forward at an exponential rate whilst the gravity of issues surrounding homelessness shows little sign of relenting. Since 2010 rough sleeping estimates have risen by 165%.

We need the help of our staff, supporters and volunteers more than ever. This challenge is a bit of fun for anyone involved with St Mungo's but can unite us in our mission to end homelessness and rebuild lives. 

The distance to the moon is 238,855 miles. Over the course of 164 days (July 20 to Dec 31) we need to run a combined average of 1,455 miles per day. To do this you will need to link up with Strava or RunKeeper and get as many comrades running as possible.

Follow the small steps below and sign up to St Mungo's Run To The Moon challenge:

1. Sign Up.

2. Download Strava.

3. Get Running.

4. Share your page and encourage others to join the challenge.

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