We support education, support and funding to projects in The Gambia

Run a marathon or cycle 100 miles in a month, live-stream on Twitch, take a million steps or set your own Milestones and build your own #ConnectedFundraising challenge, it’s up to you!  Sign up to GivePenny and launch your page today!

Working alongside Gambian schools and communities we go beyond 'handouts' to provide the education, support and funding needed for people to become independent, and find a sustainable solution to poverty.

Individual challenges

Do your own thing with these #ConnectedFundraising challenges

Project Gambia Reading Challenge
Count the steps with Fitbit
Count the running miles with Runkeeper
Charity Streaming with Twitch
Count something and be sponsored for it!
Counting Cycling Miles with Strava
Set a Milestone or two, get pledged donations, earn them!
Give up something, count the days on your page, raise more as the days go by!
Use Strava, go running, get donations!
Get on your bike, use Strava, raise more every mile!
Strap on your Fitbit, take the stairs more, earn more donations!
Access our Stream Tools, game for good, stream to your Twitch followers to raise money!
Embed your YouTube video, share, raise money.
Go live on YouTube, use our Stream Tools to really make it pop, raise loads!
Broadcast on Mixer, set some gaming Milestones, collect donations!
Go running, track it with Runkeeper, earn donations every mile!


Be part of something special and take part in an event or appeal

Project Gambia Photo Wall (Direct Appeal)
Buy a Brick (Event)
Gambiathon (Event)