We use this example charity profile to show charities behind the scenes!

Run a marathon or cycle 100 miles in a month, live-stream on Twitch, take a million steps or set your own Milestones and build your own #ConnectedFundraising challenge, it’s up to you!  Sign up to GivePenny and launch your page today!

This is a demo profile, but that doesn't mean it can't look cool!

We hope you enjoy looking around :-)

Individual challenges

Do your own thing with these #ConnectedFundraising challenges

Strava running fundraising
Strava cycling fundraising
Fitbit fundraising
Twitch charity streaming
Be sponsored per day
Fundraising with Milestones
Build your own challenge with drag & drop
Runkeeper running fundraising
Runkeeper cycling fundraising
YouTube charity streaming
All singing, all dancing demo
virtual marathon Strava running challenge


Be part of something special and take part in an event or appeal

Test Appeal (Tribute Appeal)
Lee's Test Tribute Appeal (Tribute Appeal)
davetest (Event)
GivePenny's Demo Event! (Event)