Pets change lives. We change theirs.

Run a marathon or cycle 100 miles in a month, live-stream on Twitch, take a million steps or set your own Milestones and build your own #ConnectedFundraising challenge, it’s up to you!  Sign up to GivePenny and launch your page today!

Sick, injured and homeless pets have relied on us since 1897. Thousands of abandoned or unwanted, ill or injured, pets turn to us for help every year. Our doors are always open to them, and with your support, they always will be.

Individual challenges

Do your own thing with these #ConnectedFundraising challenges

Track Fitbit steps and be sponsored for them!
Run a marathon in a month with Runkeeper
Cycle 100 miles in a month with Runkeeper
Run a marathon in a month with Strava
Track cycling on Strava and be sponsored for each mile!
Charity gaming stream with Twitch
Charity gaming stream with YouTube
Count something and be sponsored for it!
Set a Milestone and be sponsored for it!
Charity Gaming Stream with Mixer


Be part of something special and take part in an event or appeal

Christmas Dinner Appeal 2018 (Appeal)