Smile - Donate - Nominate

Smile - Donate - Nominate!

We'd love to share your smile with patients, families and carers at a time when a smile means so much. Uploading your smile, donating and nominating your family and friends to do the same will help us continue to provide vital care in your community.

Why get involved?

We smile because we care: Your smile has the power to make a difference. For vulnerable patients living in isolation, your photo is a reminder of our community’s compassion and friendship.

It means we remember: We remember the frontline workers who feel the distance created by masked faces and muffled conversations - your smile reminds them of our deep gratitude.

We are all in this together: Our community spirit and our resolve means we will not just ‘grin and bear it' - we’re going to ‘keep strong and smile on’. We’re collecting smiles and creating a movement. Together we will make a difference.

What do you need to do?

Upload your photo and donate here on GivePenny, just click "Upload Smile" on this page. Then please share this on social media and tag in your friends and family. You can let us know you are taking part by using the hashtag #smiledonatenominate, we can't wait to see all of your wonderful smiles.

Thank you so much from all of us here at Dorothy House. We can make a difference right now but we can only do this together.

Photo Terms & Conditions

Enjoying the sunshine
Dorothy House Nurses are complete angels and we’re amazing when looking after my Nan in her final days. I am an IPU Host at Dorothy House but unfortunately unable to volunteer currently due to the situation. Therefore I want to do my bit by smiling, donating and nominating! xx
We could be never thank you enough Dorothy house. Your team are absolute Angel's x
I’ve been a volunteer in the Trust & Grants team at DH since March and I absolutely love it. Wishing everyone well during these strange times, Keep strong 💪🏼 and smile on 😘👌🏻 Smile 😃 donate 💰 nominate 👋🏻
Every Saturday since lockdown started we've been playing virtual bingo. We all pay in £1.50 and there are prizes for a line and a full house. This week, Ruby (aged 6) was our winner, but we are all very happy to donate the winnings to Dorothy're amazing and we want to thank you for all the hard work you do, love the Edwards, Powell's and Luton's x x
Happy to be working from home in these unusual times. Thank you Dorothy House for all your love and care no matter what difficulties you face.
Smiling for all of my amazing colleagues who are doing fantastic work in our community ♥️
Sharing a smile for patients, carers and families and a big thank you to Dorothy House for your hard work now and always!
Thanks for everything you do Dorothy House!
My family keeps me smiling no matter what :) Thank you Dorothy House for all that you do! X
Thanking Dorothy House for everything. X
My Birthday smile for Dotty House!
Smile and the world smiles with you...xx
Sending big love to everybody at Dorothy House. Some of my friends in team freestyle overpaid me recently which made me smile, and I wanted to share this smile with you 😊 Keep up the amazing work 💪 you are all Fighters and superheroes! Xxx
Let’s share the smiles and raise lots for Dorothy House. Team Dotty forever!!! 💖🌈😍
Keep smiling to support the amazing Dorothy House
Repping for Dorothy House and Bowel cancer UK. Daniel is smiling on the inside I’m sure!
I uploaded my smile and your message on my Facebook page before seeing this link, sorry!
Well done and thank you to everyone at Dorothy House for your amazing continued support!
Even more smiles 😍
Keep smiling 😍
Smiling to say thanks to all my amazing colleagues and the other incredible people who have worked, and continue to work so hard, to keep us all going through these testing times. Thank you!! x
Smiling on for Dorothy House! x
Smile more. Smiling can make you and others happy.
I'm sharing our smiles for Dorothy House and Care in our Community. I nominate you to do the same. All money raised goes to Dorothy House to provide vital patient care. #smiledonatenominate
#smiledonatenominate Smile - Donate - Nominate for Dorothy House Hospice Care ♥️ I nominate Sarah Ashton, Claire Paxton and Lucy Houghton.