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Get Active for Autism and walk or run 53 Miles in April

Our 30 day challenge is the perfect opportunity to help keep you active and healthy during the current lockdown, while supporting a great cause and helping to raise autism awareness during April - Autism Together Awareness Month. 

Choose one of our 2 challenges - either walking or running 53 miles throughout April - going at your own pace and in your own time. Simply log your miles when you have done them and try to reach at least 53 miles over the month - if you go over this, even better!

Why 53? Because our organisation started back in 1968 and this year will be our 53rd birthday!

Challenge Accepted! 

Click on the orange 'join' button to register to take on this challenge, select if you would like to run or walk, then select which group you would like to join - this will likely be 'Autism Together Individual Fundraiser'. We will also have groups for workplaces, schools, etc.

You will also be able to link your page to your own Strava account which will populate automatically when you complete your miles (or you can input this manually). You will be sent an email to authenticate your account, don't forget to do this. 

Share away with your friends and family to gather sponsorship, your target will be set at £53, but if you want to set your own target you can do this during your page setup. Select the group that best applies to you, likely to be 'Autism Together Fundraiser' for individuals, or it might be your workplace or school name if part of a team.

Why not gather a team? Challenge your colleagues, school friends or family to take on this challenge together. Get in touch with us, via email, at: and we can create you a team page with your own leaderboard, but still linked to our main event.

Why should I join?

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day, and here at Autism Together we celebrate over the whole month of April! We think it's incredibly important to raise awareness and acceptance for people with autism. One in every 100 people in the UK has a diagnosis of autism and it effects each individual differently.

Our organisation was set up in 1968 by a group of forward-thinking parents looking to create a service for their children once they left the education system. Now in 2021 we are one of the UK's leading providers in specialist autism care for adults, providing services such as residential, respite, supported living, day services, along with support for children and families, and autism training and advice services too.

To find out more please visit our website:

If you would like to discuss this challenge, have any questions or wish to set up a team please email:

Registered Charity Number: 1007878

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